Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Here we go again....

Jumpin for a banana! I loves me some bananas!!

Watchin the birds in my yard.

And here I am lovin on my stuffie. I thought since our secretary is on a lazy streak again, ya'll would like some pictures of my royal self to hold you over for a bit.
Oh sure, DawgMom says she is busy.......whatever.......first it's work supposedly so she can feed us our foodables, then it's tryin to find appliances for our new house in the woods (*eyes rollin*) THEN it's workin on kennel club stuff & goin to meetin's PU-LEESE!
No matter what she calls it, she ain't helpin us update our bloggie!!!
Maybe tomorrow if we can get her to help, we will be back to readin all our friend's news & tellin about our tree rats adventures, will ya'll please keep yer paws crossed that our secretary aka DawgMom will get her priorities straight??
Until tomorrow (hopefully)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sugar-Riffic Photo Contest

Our friend Sugar has challenged every-bully to post pickchurs & enter her Sugar-Riffic Photo Contest. Here's what she says...

....places I've found Sugar to inspire everyone to get creative for our own Sugar-Riffic photo contest! Post a picture of your pet in a compromising location on your blog by July 1, send me a link to your post and we will pick some winners!!!

This is gonna be fun! Now, DawgMom finds us in all kinds of places, places that makes her ask "How the heck did you get THERE??" We just BOL at her & tell her nuffin! BOL! The girls are REAL good at it, of course, they're older & they've learned to make it hard for her to use that flashie thingie to prove we was there. Me, on the other hand, I ain't quite learned that yet, so DawgMom managed to catch me in a few places with the flashie thingie, but this is her favorite! I know ya'll think I'm bein cute, admit it! DawgMom thinks so too. So here's a few pickchurs for ya'll to laugh at & for Sugar's contest.

Ya'll head over to Sugar's place, read all about it, check out some of the places Sugar's Mama has found her, she's GOOOOOD!

Later Taters,

Friday, June 5, 2009

We Got Mail!! and a Sweet award!

Before we get to our mail, we want to thank the NY Bully Brats for our cool new Sugar award! Get it? Sugar? Sweet? We love it! Go visit the NY Bully Brats and Sugar to meet some other cool Bull Terriers! Now we are supposed to give this to 3 blogs we think are sweet. This is gonna be hard, we love everyone's bloggies!!
So what we'll do is tell ya'll about our mail & show ya'll some pickchurs while we decide who to give the award to.
DawgMom found this cool doggie bloggie swap over on Wyldechylde's blog, so she signed us up. Well, guess who we ended up swappin with??? The NY Bully Brats! Yep, our very good friends, Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ! How cool was that??
First, the bossy Chiwaawaa, Cheewawa, Messican Taco Bell dawg had to inspeck everything, like some kind of Mail Monitor or something. She just thinks she's all that, but she ain't!
Next, LizzaBella got to open the envelope since she has never been able to do things like this we let her have the honors. She wasn't sure what to do, we don't think LizzaBella has ever had toys to play with, so she was almost scared at first. Now tho, she loves them, she squeaks that Good Cuz & just throws him around & makes the DawgParents laugh at how cute she is. See her sneakin out from under the coffee table to grab that Good Cuz??
Well, Pappy thought he was bein left out, so he tried to take the WHOLE thing into his Master Bedroom!! NOT FAIR!! I threw a fit & DawgMom rescued it. Fat lotta good that did, he ended up stealin the Octopus Cuz, the Bad Cuz AND the ball that makes funny sounds! He thinks cause he's the baby he gets to keep everything! Spoiled BRAT!! Both the Toy Poodles loved the crinkly soundin butterflies! See how cool Woodrow, Sweetie, MJ & Auntie Deb are? They even sent somethin for the little brats! Here's Pooch (yep, the diaper dude) playin with one of them. (That link is to our old bloggie on Wordpress so you can read about his diaper deals)
Here I am with a couple of the cool toys. That booma-rangie thingie is cool! I love when DawgParents throw things for me & this is just perfect!
Feather didn't join in on all the fun. Well teknically me & her were grounded, but DawgMom is a sucker pushover & she let us join in. Feather stayed in her Master Bedroom restin after our adventure of getting out of the yard & runnin all over the place, makin DawgMom get in the BullyMobile & come get us. But more of that later, it was fun tho! Since she was restin, DawgMom just closed her door so I didn't go tease her. Grounded or not, Miss Feather Louise is the reignin (or is it rainin?) Queen of the house, even when she's in trouble. She was here before me so I let her get away with it. Oh & don't worry, Feather has been playin with the toys too, but DawgMom hasn't pulled them off the flashie thingie yet.

That box was plumb full of goodies we got a Good Cuz, a Bad Cuz, an Octopus Cuz, a little Chicken Cuz, a funny soundin ball, 2 booma-rangie thingies, a skunk with a ball, a bear with a ball, a little red Cuz thingie for the little dogs, 2 crinkly butterflies, AND some bully sticks!! LOTS of thingies!! Thank you guys so much! Hope ya'll enjoy the things we sent you. We picked out our favorite things to send to you, plus, DawgMom is still waitin on the mail man to bring another surprise for ya'll. We'll send then when we get them.
Now, for the 3 bloggies we think are super sweet...
  • Tweedles, of course! Tweedles has such a sweet personality & is such a carin little soul, we just had to send it that way. Go check out what Tweedles has to say!
  • Coco, Godiva & Truffle, sweet & cute Chiwaawaas, Cheewawas, Messicans Taco Bell Dawgs
  • The Pugs over at The Devil Dog. Don't let that name fool ya'll, they really aren't that bad.

Now, don't forget to grab your OWAS button & head over to Tank's place to sign up for this very important mission.

Until next time,

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Operation Whack-A-Squirrel

We have done our duty to the Doggie World & joined Tank's Whack-A-Squirrel Army! We have GOT to rid our yards & our trees & our neighborhoods of these rotten little tree rats! They are wreakin havoc all over doggie bloggie land!
First we found, they will do anything to get to the bird feeders in yer yard! We mean anything. Check this out, dressin up like a bird!! Sneaky little tree rats! They CANNOT BE UNDERESTIMATED!
Not only that, they are recruiting almost as fast as we are! Word has gotten out friends that we are on the move & on the job! I tell you, they are sneaky, nasty little creachtures! PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!
They have called in all their friends, more thieves I might add, these even wear masks tryin to act like Zorro or sumpin! Who do they think they are foolin?? We are smarterer than they are, way smarterer! Look how fat this dude is, he's had ALOT of practice!
Our TN hillbilly detectives went on a mission & found that they are running some kind of special ops training...."How to make yourself small enough to get to the food" This guy must be the head trainer, he is very good at his job! If he manages to train the rest of them how to do this, our parents will be buyin bird food for these tree rats to steal every other day! I mean why don't the lazy bums go Get A Job already! Work for what they eat like we have to! Lazy, good for nuttin tree rats!
It seems that the word is definitely out that their days are numbered! They are not just hidin & hopin we don't find them, they are tryin to keep us from accomplishin our mission! Fellow OWAS soldiers, we have to stick together! We have to help each other. We have to STOP this now!!
We need to "fix them up" even if it's one at a time!
Head over to Tank's place, he's the Commander In Chief of this Operation, & do your duty to dogs everywhere! Sign Up!! Be sure to grab the code in our sidebar before you leave for your own Whack-A-Squirrel button to put on your bloggie!
Over & out,