Saturday, August 22, 2009

STILL on groundashuns!!

(upside down & under my bankie)

Hey Ever'Bully! LizzaBella here! FINALLY, I get a turn on the bloggie! I've been wanting to write sumthin for a long time, but I think my Bullie brother & sisters splained to ya'll that I'm a little shy. Ok well alot shy, but I'm gettin better. DawgMom & DawgDaddy have been real good about teachin me I don't need to be afraid of things & I'm learnin.

Now I'm going to use this first postin to tell ya'll about Feather Louise & Darla Jean bein on groundashuns~~BIG TIME groundashuns! Me & Pappy are not on groundashuns tho, just the 2 girls. Wanna know why???

(sleepin upside down like a real Bullie)

Well cause last Sun, on DawgDaddy's birfday no less, the broke the fence & ran to a neighbor dog's house & got in a fight with him! Well, they tried to fight. The neighbor dog was in his yard, behind his own chainlink fence & the girls were on the outside of his fence. Well from what we can gather from listenin to DawgMom & DawgDaddy, they were runnin back & forth tryin to start a fight wif this other dog. Darla musta stuck her nose in his fence to bite him & he GRABBED HER NOSE! Man you should see it! It is real, real bad! He was tryin to pull her through them little bitty holes of the fence by her nose!!!

Well, DawgMom, DawgDaddy & that other dog's person was tryin to get him to turn her loose & he wouldn't do it. They tried ever'thang & finally, finally Feather run up to him & tried to bite him back & when she did that, he turned Darla loose & DawgMom pulled her away from him! DawgMom had her hind legs up in the air so she could get her away & it was easy for her to pull her real fast. DawgDaddy put her in the BullieBlazer & went to get Feather. Well Feather was busy tryin to fight that dog then, but DawgDaddy caught her & got her in the BullieBlazer too. There was blood ever'where! On DawgMom, DawgDaddy, Darla, Feather even tho she only had one boo-boo, in the BullieBlazer, just ever'where.

DawgMom got both of them all cleaned up & started them on antibiotics and they look alot better today. You can't tell Feather had a boo-boo now. DawgMom uses Bach's Rescue Cream & she says that is the best stuff. I think turkey legs are the bestest, but DawgMom says Rescue Cream is better than turkey legs. I'm not so sure about that.

So anywhose, they are both better now, Darla Jean's nose is gonna have some big, ol' scars on it, but at least her nose is all ok & she can still smell things. DawgMom says to make sure I tell ya'll those pikchurs are pretty graphic (don't know what that means, but she said to make sure I say those words) and that ya'll should know that before you look at them. So I said it & now ya'll know.

(Pappy hidin so he don't get on groundashuns)

Remember, these pikchurs are real bad lookin.............

(Closeup of Darla's nose)

(Darla's nose)

(Feather's boo boo nose)

Next time, I'll tell you more about me, but for now, I wanted to let ya'll know what's been goin on here.

Oh & DawgMom has got all the pressies for the Paw It Forward & will get them out Monday mornin in the mail!!

So, until next time, ya'll be good!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Winners are.....

(we're not sure what Great Rock Eater's name is,
he/she didn't sign the comment, but we will find out)
(The Great Rock Eater's real name is Lilo, she's a cutie-pie Puglette!)
(can ya'll read the names after Peggy Sue ripped 'em?)

Finally, we get to tell ya'll the winners of the Paw it Forward!! We are so excited bout it! Peggy Sue did a good job, but DawgMom had to keep tellin her not to eat the papers before she got to read them. She almost did, but DawgMom saved them in time.

Like always, Cissy wanted to get in on the action, she thinks she's all that & a Big Mac ennyways, but when she saw what Peggy Sue was doin, she walked away! Can you beleive that, she was mutterin sumpin bout bein above that nonsense. Don't know how she is above it, she's on the floor right next to Peggy Sue? She's just so dumb. Sheesh!

Ennyways, Peggy Sue went to work pickin thru the papers wif the names on 'em. She looked at 'em, she pushed 'em around wif her nose, she sniffed at them, then finally got down to business & started pickin names. She seen this one & pointed her little feetie at it.

But just when DawgMom reached for it, she had to look & see who's name was on there, guess she wanted to be the first to know. So DawgMom finally got it away from her to read the name & take a pikchur of it. The dumb flashie thingie weren't workin right for some reason & only a couple of the names showed up in the pikchurs.

So now, what we want ya'll winners to do is send us a pee-mail wif yer address so we can get yer pressies out to you. We will visit yer bloggie to tell you that yer a winner too, case if you miss our post. Our pee-mail is TNBullTerrors [at] (course ya'll know how yer supposed to type out the pee-mail so it will work right) DawgMom says big, nasty spiders & buggies creep around bloggie land lookin for pee-mail addresses so they can send that yucky ol canned Spam stuff to ever'body & since we don't like yucky ol canned Spam, we ain't takin no chances wif them nasty buggies, so just be sure to type our pee-mail right.

See, she didn't want to turn that name loose! Wonder if she just likes to eat the paper or if she just wanted to be a brat?? Prolly just bein bratty!

Miss Fluffy Tail herself's name did show up in that flashie thingie. See that corner chewed outta the paper? Guess who swallered it?

Peggy Sue said that was alot of hard work pickin out names & helpin DawgMom take pikchurs so when they was done, she jumped on the couch, climbed under that pillow & took a rest. Guess Toy Poodles don't have the stamina us Bull Terrors do. She didn't snore either like we do. Oh well, guess we can't all be perfect. BOL!

Of course I can't sign off without lettin ya'll see a pikchur of me! That's me in the backyard, guardin my half flat basketball that I love so much! It's fun to play wif! So ya'll get them addresses to us & if there's certain things yer not allowed to have make sure you tell us. (Like no fuzzy toys or no normal sqeakies or well just whatever)

Later taters!

(oh I almost fergot, DawgMom has a FaceBook page & she wondered if enny of ya'll know how she can hook our bloggie up to her FB page?)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paw It Forward

(Pappy playin wif a ball)

Good Thursday Mornin Bloggie Buddies! It's finally a sunny, purdy day here & we plan to hang out in the yard for a while today! YAH!! It's been like 12,698 days since the sky started spittin & now it's quit & we can get out there & get muddy! Yee Haw! (that's Tennessee talk for "oh Boy! or Way to Go, or Heck yeah!")

(Feather & Darla playin in the yard, look at Darla's big butt! hahaha)

Ennyways, about the Paw it Forward, we're gonna wait until 6 o'clock tonight, then put all the names in a pile & let Miss Peggy Sue pick out a couple of names for the game. We want to do it now, but DawgMom says she has to work & don't have time to do that right now. What=EVER! But since we don't know how to use that silver flashie thingie, guess we don't have a choice. Oh well, no matter, least we get to go out & wallow around in the mud!! Them mean minachur hoomans are all out to obedience skool so we can play in peace!

(Feather & her rubber chicken)

Dawgmom promised she would help us visit bloggies today too! 'bout time too, don't ya think? We wanna see what the NY Bully Brats have been up to & Sugar & Joe & Tanner & Mango & Tweedles & Bolo & Bijou & Banjo & Lacie Beast & Khyra & Pedro &, &, well ya'll get the idea, jus' EVER'BODY! Man it's good to be back!

'K well, if we're gonna start visitin bloggies before DawgMom goes downstairs to work, we better get off here & get started! See ya'll after while! Ya'll be cool!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We're baaack!!

(me tellin Dad to hurry with supper)

Where to begin, where to begin??
First of all, we have missed everyone! REAL bad! And we are sorry if we worried anybody, it really wasn't our fault, it's DawgMom's! And we just want to know one thing? How come our peeples can put us on ground-ashuns but we can't put them on ground-ashuns? THAT is just not fair! But to be fair to DawgMom, we have been really busy & crazy here lately.

We have so much to catch up on....

First, we got this cool "Paw it Forward" package from Checkers the Peek-a-Poo right after DawgMom stopped letting us play on our bloggie! She did at least let us send him an email & say thank you, but we didn't get to post about it. We got lots of cool pressies in there, treats, bisquits, toys, man does Checkers know how to pick good pressies!! Now we want to "Paw it Forward" too, so to be fair, instead of the first 3 to comment since some of our bloggie friends might be in bed when this posts or sumpthin, we'll pick from the comments with the comment picker thingie (around here that would be Peggy Sue the Poodle) we'll put all the names in a bowl & let her pick 3 of them. We hope that is ok with everyone, but it just don't seem fair to say the first 3 when we have bloggie friends from everywhere & some of them are not on the same time as we are. Be sure to go visit Checkers, his Mom sells pet insurance that looks like some pretty awesome stuff, check it out!

(Peggy Sue, official number picker)

Next, DawgMom has been working on a new website for DawgDaddy's work. They have an auto repair shop and have been needin a website for a long time so she decided to make one for him. ya'll will have to check it out, she said to tell you she's still workin on it so there is still alot to do.

(Pappy sittin like all us Bull Terrors do)

Let's see? What else? Oh yeah, DawgMom had a family rebellion too while we were AWOL. She got to visit with alot of her kinfolk, some that she hasn't seen in alot of years and boy did she like that. Course we didn't get to go, we never do. Sheesh!

Last week the brats in this neighborhood were teasin our little brothers and sisters threatenin to hit them with sticks!! Yep, we are still in this dumb ol neighborhood and still not in our house in the woods!! Just about all our stuff is moved there now, but DawgMom said we still need kitchen cabinets to be put up, then we can go. Well SHE needs cabinets, WE don't so why can't we just get the heck out of dodge for cryin out loud?? Anyways, DawgMom wouldn't let us out when those kids were outside cause she didn't want us to put a big hole in the fence that they would have to fix, but those brats were tryin to HIT our brothers and sisters!! I mean really, what are we supposed to do, sit back and do nothin??? DawgMom said she handled it, but we sure would have liked to help! DawgMom was so mad she started shakin when she heard that one brat say "Let me hit them with a stick and see what they do" Can you believe that?? Now we know alot of ya'll have kids of your very own, but we don't and the only ones we know are mean to us, so will you please tell us how we are supposed to like them when they try to hit us with sticks and things? Seriously, we really want to like them, but just don't know how.

(Darla Jean sniffin around the yard)

Can you believe DawgMom is already sayin get off the 'puter it's time for us all to go out potty since we had supper?? We PROMISE we will make her let us come back here and try not to let it go so long next time. Since she is retirin real soon & we will be in our new house within a couple of weeks, she will have more time to let us. After we potty, we'll try to start catchin up on bloggies.

(LizzaBella after diggin in the yard)

Finally before I go, LizzaBella is doin so much better! Look how happy she is now, you can see it on her face! She has learned to dig in the yard, look how dirty she is! DawgMom doesn't even get upset about havin to fill in holes, she's just so glad that LizzaBella is finally learnin how to be a Bull Terror. Look how much weight she has put on too!

We love ya'll, and we miss ya'll!!