Thursday, April 30, 2009

We might be AWOL

DawgMom says we have to write & let every-bully know we might be AWOL for a week or 2. Apparently, that GKKC dog show she's been talkin about, ya'll know, the one she's Parking Chairman for & the same one she's been makin them glass lamps for, is right around the corner. She says she has alot of work to do before it gets here & she won't have time to let us on the 'pooter alot. Well, to us, that's just her lame way of sayin her stuff is more important than ours! That picture is what one of her tables in her room looks like right now.

We do have to say, at least even when she gets busy, she still feeds us really yummy stuff, so she does have some of her priorities straight anyway.
Last night we had chicken quarters with some cottage cheese on top, for brekkie today we had turkey legs & for supper tonight we get that yummy taco meat. (No we did not decide to do away with our sister Cissy, at least not yet. Taco meat is a ground up combo of beef, beef hearts & chicken gizzards)

We also wanted to update you a little on LizzaBella & show you some of the latest pictures of her. Look how good she looks now, compared to when we first picked her up! (the top picture was taken 10 days after we got her from that nasty ol' shelter) She is still tryin to get up the nerve to write her own post, she's a little nervous so we aren't pushin her. Maybe after them dumb lamps are done & that dog show is over. Look at the difference! She's put on weight & DawgMom says she can even see a difference in her eyes, she looks happy most of the time instead of worried. She loves to lay on the ground with DawgDaddy, but she loves the couch the best, as you can see.
Pappy does get to show in that dog show on Sunday though, so keep yer paws crossed the little brat does well for DawgMom, that would make her happy. He has a post all ready in his mind about some haint he swears is livin in the house with us. We think he's watchin too much Ghost Hunters with DawgMom. Or he's sneakin on the 'pooter at night visitin their website & scarin himself. Either way, me & Darla haven't seen any haints, so who knows!

We do have a tag from Clive we need to do & a couple of awards we want to tell ya'll about, so maybe, just maybe, if we are REAL good, DawgMom will do that tonight after she's finished with that glass grindin machine she's got. Meanwhile, ya'll go visit Clive & his Little Man, you'll love them!

So, we'll do our best to at least get around & read a few bloggies at night & we promise, as soon as this show is over, we'll be back!
Oh & just to prove we didn't eat the Chiwawa, Chiwaawaa, Messican, Taco Bell Dog, here's a picture of the little piranha on crack suckin up to DawgMom. (**eyes rollin**)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lookie what we got!

Imagine our irritation at DawgMom for not lettin us visit bloggies for a couple of days cause she was workin surprise when we went to visit our new friend Travis to see what he has been doin & found this award he gave us!! Another award, we are so excited! Thank you so much to Travis for givin it to us! Head over to his bloggie & vote in his Easter Awards, there's some pretty good competition goin on over there.

As most of you saw, we did get to visit a BUNCH of bloggies last night & today before DawgMom went back in her stained glass room & started workin on them trophies again. Ya'll have been very busy & lots has been goin on!

We've had some really pretty weather these past 2 days with a couple more days like it on the way, great for playin out in the yard, chasin the ball, playin chicken run, oh it has been just fabumous! Except for THIS! DawgMom took this picture a few weeks ago, but didn't tell us this rat with a fuzzy tail was hangin around, we spotted him/her/whatever today & he/she/whatever best be hittin the road! He/she/whatever was stealin our leaves in that picture, see how full his/her/whatever mouth is??

Don't forget, go visit Travis & tell him the TN Bull Terrors sent you!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday! Finally! Thank doG!!

Ok, so yes, there are lots of !!!! up there in the title, cause we're excited & we wanted to make sure ya'll knew it!

DawgMom says the week from hades is finally over & now maybe we can visit the bloggies we been missin' & we can post about things that are important to US!

So, once we eat our supper (beef heart tonight MMMMMM) & do our potties & DawgMom gets her piddly non-important junk done, we'll be runnin' all over the doggie bloggie world checkin' out what ya'll have been in to.

Later taters

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We have been awarded!!

Remember yesterday we told you about our friend Checkers giving us a couple of awards? Well, TA-DA! here they are.......
This one is the Proximity Award, pretty cool, huh?
This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award.

We are giving these awards to the NY Bully Brats, Ransom, Ziggy, Jacob & Fergi, Morgan, Tom, Tama-Chan & Sei-Chan, Tweedles, & the Karensbrae Terriers. Please go visit their bloggies & make some new friends!
And this one too!! Here are the rules that go with this award:
As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging. To seek the reason why we all love blogging. Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award. Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging. Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like.
We love blogging because, well... how do we say it? We're NOSY! You have looked at our heads right? BOL! No, seriously, we love to see what all the other bloggie dogs are up to & read all about your adventures & see where you live & what ya'll are doing. We've met so many neat friends & we think ya'll are just great! Who would have thought that by starting a blog we could make friends in places all over the world? It's cool, don't you think?
Since me & Feather showed ya'll our puppy pictures, Pappy has been whining about not having his baby picture up here so here he is at 8 weeks old. The first one is with all his brothers & his sister Callie-Claire (she's the white one), Winston, the only other white in the litter had already gone to his new home so he is not in the pictures. DawgMom took this one when she went to Auntie/Mama Vickie's to pick him up. The other picture is of him on the ride home that first day. He sure was a cute little booger, now he's just a big booger! :)
Well off to get my boo-timous sleep, it's supposed to be very nice the next few days & I'll need to rest up for all my playin I'm gonna do.
Later ya'll,

Tomorrow's Preview

We found out our friend Checkers gave us an award!! We are so very excited about it! We will get DawgMom to let us have the pooter for longer tomorrow & post all about it. She had to work like ALL DAY & HALF the night & she says she's too tired to do it tonight, so we're gonna let her sleep (*ahem~insert L-A-Z-Y here) so she won't have no excuses tomorrow.

Thank you so much Checkers! We are soooooooo excited about them!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birfday DawgNanny

DawgMom is in a very sad mood today, we are tryin to make her laugh, but it's hard to do today. Even Pappy doin his front roll off his head only makes her smile a little bit instead of laugh like she usually does. (we are hopin one of these days she can get that egghead front roll on video)

DawgMom says our DawgNanny would have been 66 years old today, April 20. See DawgNanny went to the Rainbow Bridge in Aug. 2004 & nobody was expectin it AT ALL. DawgNanny was always in such a good mood & always doin something, she was always helpin people, she didn't even act like she was sick. DawgMom says she had a brain aneurysm rupture & nobody even knew she had one of those things. You can read all about how DawgNanny helped people even after she left us here on DawgMom's blog.

Us Bull Terrors never got to meet DawgNanny, but a couple of our little brothers & sisters knew her. DawgNanny used to own a pet store here in town with DawgMom & our Aunt. Cissy & Bucky the 2 Chiwaawaa, Chiwawawa, Messicans Taco Bell dawgs used to go to work with DawgMom everyday so they knew DawgNanny real good. Cissy says she was really cool! She used to fix biscuits & gravy every mornin & she always let Cissy & Bucky have some gravy. DawgMom says we'll get to meet her someday cause she just knows DawgNanny is at the Rainbow Bridge takin care of all the animals waitin for us to all get there someday. We wish we could have known her, she loved all animals, but was really in love with birdies. She used to raise all kinds of birdies.

If ya'll can remember, please say a little prayer or send a good thought to TN for DawgMom. We don't like to see her sad & we know she really misses her Mom.

Thanks to all of you,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

House in the Woods update

Madame Secretary aka DawgMom is beginning to slack off again, no posts on our bloggie since Wednesday! At least she hasn't been slackin in the foodie department, we have had some pretty awesome suppers this week. Chicken leg quarters, ground turkey, gizzards, Jack Mackrel, cottage cheese, eggs, liver, taco meat (that's 60% ground beef, 20% chicken hearts & 20% gizzards all ground up together) beef heart & I heard her say something about tryin to find some more rabbit for us. Our great foodies is the only thing that keeps us from firing her completely. She'd probably want severance pay anyways.

Anyways, enough gripin about it, DawgDaddy won't let us get rid of her anyways. Meanwhile, we are still at least a month away from gettin into our house in the woods, the sky has been leaking ALOT lately & that big monster machine that moves dirt around won't run in the rain. Imagine a big honkin machine like that bein afraid of the rain! Ray, our foundashuns man, the dude that runs that big ol' chicken machine is widenin our driveway into the house so we can get our house on wheels in there & he's puttin some kind of foreign drain in there (*note from DawgMom~a french drain) to keep the water from runnin into the basement when the sky leaks alot.

DawgMom took all those pictures usin our ADT system cameras. You can see Ray runnin that big, honkin' machine & DawgDaddy talkin to him. Here's our driveway last year before Ray got there to make it wider. That bank has been knocked down some now.

So far, if the rain holds out, both Ray & the tile dude are almost done & as soon as they get finished, we're outta this ol' city & we'll be country dogs! DawgMom says if it don't happen soon, she's gonna go crazy, we haven't bothered to tell her, that will be a VERY short trip for her so she don't need to pack any clothes for the journey. BOL!
Check out all the little demon dogs outside. BOL! DawgMom is always tellin us the boogeymans is NOT outside, but looks to me like the boogeymans is not only out there, he's turnin our sisters into mini boogeymans too. BOL!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of Exciting News!!

(Woodrow & MJ)

We are sooo excited!! We got an email this morning from our Bull Terrier friends Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ tellin' us they started bloggin'!! More of us "Terriers without beards! (not that beards are a bad thing, but imagine a beard on our egg heads. eewww) How cool is that, more Bullies bloggin'! Please go visit them, the NY Bully Brats & show them how cool the bloggin' doggies are. We've been tellin' them how much fun everyone is. Feather has always had a crush on Woodrow & our friend Gimli from our Raw4Bullies list, she just never told Woodrow that. Now the whole world is gonna know. BOL! She's gonna be mad at me too, but so what? She thinks she so special cause she was the first Bullie here. BOL! BOL!

(Feather's dreamboat, Woodrow)

Woodrow's DawgMom, Deb was such a HUGE help to DawgMom when we first brought Lizzy home to foster her. Remember how we told you Lizzy was a spinner? Well Auntie Deb has had experience in dealin' with & livin' with a spinner & she really helped DawgMom learn what to do to help Lizzy. DawgMom said she wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Auntie Deb, Auntie Lori & Auntie Janice. That leads us to the other part of our exciting news.....

(LizzaBella on DawgMom's lap)

Lizzy, who we now call LizzaBella cause she likes that name better, is officially a TN Bull Terror & officially our sister now instead of a foster dog! DawgMom & Auntie Glenna, who is our Bull Terrier Club of America rescue chair talked about LizzaBella & how she was comin' along & they decided that LizzaBella was not a good candidate for placement. It's hard enough to place a Bull Terrier that doesn't have problems, but placing one with problems like hers is nigh on impossible. It can be done, but chances are very slim. Just not many people want to take on a dog that has to be on medication twice a day & has to have the strict, structured schedule that LizzaBella needs.

(LizzaBella right after she came here)
She is still on her medicines twice a day & she has gained 5 pounds so she don't look real skinny anymore, she has learned to play, but still is not real good at it, she LOVES the raw diet! But then again, who doesn't??? The bestest news of all, she doesn't have to wear that funny-lookin' Frankie-stein collar anymore!
(that Frankie-stein collar)
Her tail doesn't have sores on it anymore, not even any scabbies & the hair is startin' to grow back!! So every-bully decided since she is gettin' along so well here & since she doesn't do so hot in new situations, it would be better for her sake, if she just stayed here with us, so DawgMom & DawgDaddy decided she would just live out her days here in our house & be another TN Bull Terror! So for all of you that wondered if she ever got her forever home, the answer is yes, it's right here with us! So when you see us sign our names on yer comment formies, you'll see LizzaBella on there too. Guess this means we have to share our postin' with her too! That's ok, she's pretty cool & we like her!
(enjoyin the kennel at our house in the woods)

Anywho, ya'll go visit Woodrow, Sweetie & their little brother MJ, who is deaf & welcome them to the neighborhood! NY Bully Brats tell 'em Feather, Darla & Pappy sent you.

Later taters,

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frog Legs for Easter??

We had a crazy night Sunday night! Crazy I tell ya! Sunday is the only day DawgMom & DawgDaddy are both home with us all day. DawgDaddy works all the time (hey we hafta eat ya know!) & so Sunday is the only day we get him all day. He plays ball with us & loves on us & we take naps too! He also cooks brekkie & dinner for DawgMom. That dinner was the start of our crazy Easter night.

It started like this.......
DawgMom has been wanting fried frog legs for dinner for a while now & she finally found some on sale at the big Foodie place. DawgDaddy got them all ready for cookin', he soaked them a bit in some kinda stuff, then got the skillet ready for cookin' them. We still can't figure out exactly how it happened but all of a sudden the house started gettin' all smokey. DawgDaddy said he had the stove turned up too high & the oil was gettin' too hot. Yeah right, whatever. DawgMom started openin' windows & the back door & all of a sudden we heard this loud, screamin' noise comin' from that box on the wall in the hallway!! It was LOUD!! Even louder than the Cresteds when they start the sing-fest. Or Cissy when she's busy screechin' at us for whatever crime we committed at the moment, you know, like we looked at her or we sniffed her. She's such a drama queen, all like "Ya'll are gonna mess up my bed!" or "Don't drool on me!" & let me tell you, she can screech like nobody's business! For a little dog, she's got a big mouth!

(Feather: Get on with it Darla, yer ramblin')
(Darla: Fine, I was tryin' to make them understand how loud that was!)
(Feather: Then tell them, stop yappin' about Cissy!)
(Darla: Ok, Ok, I'm tellin' them! Sheesh!)

Anywho, DawgMom was tryin' to get the smoke out & catch Cissy, Peggy Sue & Pooch to lock them in the bathroom so they didn't run out the front door. Pappy was cryin' & Rascal ran & hid in the spare room! DawgDaddy was yellin' "Punch the code in the alarm box!" DawgMom was sayin' "I'm tryin' to, I'm tryin' to!" Well, DawgMom finally got the code punched in & all the screamin' noise stopped. Cissy stopped screechin' & Peggy Sue stopped barkin' but Rascal wouldn't come out of the bedroom. I was barkin' & barkin' & barkin' tryin' to tell that dumb box on the wall to SHUT UP!! DawgDaddy was tryin' to find the phone! The phone! Can you imagine, all that ruckus & DawgDaddy wants to call some-bully!
(look how innocent Cissy & Peggy Sue are tryin' to look, no screechin' here)

DawgMom found him the phone & he checked the caller id thingie & says "They've already called" (well he added a couple of HBO words in there, in fact, there were quite a few HBO words in that whole 10 minute time period) Anyways, DawgDaddy called the dude at ADT & told him there was no fire here that it was just a cookin' problem (ya think??) & DawgMom couldn't get to that box in the hallway within the required 30 seconds to punch the code in. Well, the ADT dude told DawgDaddy to hold on for a minute, then he came back & said he called & stopped the fire department!! They thought the house was on fire cause the alarm was goin' off & our DawgParents didn't answer their call (like we could hear the phone over the alarm & Cissy's screechin') so they called the fire department! At least they caught the firemen before they got out! Shew, I bet we would have been in trouble with them all right!

Everything turned out all right, DawgMom got her frog legs, DawgDaddy settled down after he got the wine out & had a glass & we are happy to know if the house ever really DOES catch on fire, the alarm system really does work! Thank goodness. I guess those ADT dudes are pretty good after all & that's why DawgDaddy had them put a system in our new house in the woods too.

I think DawgMom learned something~~Yer supposed to have HAM for Easter dinner, NOT frog legs!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Every-Bully!!

It's me, Lazy DawgMom posting today, and true to what I have been accused of by my beloved, most wonderful, sweet, beautiful Bullies who would never exaggerate, I've been lazy today.

I'm late posting this because I have been working on those dumb lamps as they call them.

Anywho, Happy Easter to each and every one of you! Enjoy today's picture of Feather Louise in her Easter/Valentine's glasses, (some-bully ate the bunny ears I bought last year)! Oh and just because she has been rather obnoxious and demanding lately, here's a shot of the birthday princess when she turned one. She thinks it makes her look like a big baby, I think it's cute. ;)

Happy Easter Every Bully!

Angie, (lazy) DawgMom to those TN Bull Terrors!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dawgmom is fishin for a raise

Can you believe it? Already wanting a raise cause she spent so much time last night goin' around to every-bully's bloggies & addin' them to our linkies. Guess for now she will have to accept bully hugs & kisses as payment, cause until we see she means to keep this up, that's all she's gettin'

She's not finished yet, but so far she's doin' good. She got our chatterbox on there, & our Tweet n Bark & she added all those bloggies, but we still have a long way to go.

The Papster is whinin' about not gettin to pick things out, if we let him, he would have "turkey leg" everything. He loves him some turkey legs! He'd eat all day if DawgMom would feed him all day, what a pig! Besides, we think the monkey fits our personality better.

Remember how we told you about the sky leakin' alot? Well, let me tell you, it wasn't leakin' last night, it was throwin' things!! It was rumblin' & was really loud, then all of a sudden, we saw this big flash of light & these ice balls started fallin' out of the clouds! I mean to tell you, it was wild! I was barkin' & barkin' to tell the sky to knock it off! Dumplin' one of our rescue Dachshunds was barkin' with me! That dumb sky just wouldn't listen, it just kept makin' them loud noises. We didn't get much sleep last night cause of it, we were too busy yellin at it. Well, Feather got plenty of sleep, she could sleep anywhere, she's like DawgDaddy. Pappy decided it was probably better for him to just grab his blankie & cover up. Tink pulled her blankie down over her head. Alot of help they were!

Meanwhile, Cissy has decided that LacieBeast is not the only doggie that is fashionable. She could care less about all that noise outside, all she was worried about was if her hat was on straight. She wasn't happy about DawgMom usin' that flashie thingie either, you can tell by the dirty look she's givin' her. Wonder if LacieBeast has one of these outfits??

So, I plan to do this the rest of the day, just in case that dumb sky starts all that nonsense again tonight, I'll be all rested up. Besides, I am worn out from all that work & I need my boo-timous sleep, ya know. Until next time....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Welcome to our New Bloggie!

We sat DawgMom down this mornin' & had a loooong talk with her (well me & Darla Jean talked, Pappy "brat barked" like always) about our bloggie & visitin' our friend's bloggies & how she needs to get on the ball! We explained to her that we are tired of missin' out on what the other dogs with blogs are doin' & we want this nonsense to stop! Well, she had all kinds of excuses. She told us one reason is because of that dumb glass stuff she is doin, & another one is she is the Parking Chairman for her kennel club, The Greater Kingsport Kennel Club & she's busy keeping reservations taken care of (*eyes roll*) but another reason is cause wordpress is not as easy to use as blogger is. So she agreed to make us our own blog here on blogger & we will be usin' this from now on. Now she has no excuses! We'll leave the wordpress blog up so you can catch up on what we were doin' then, but this will be our main blog from now on. DawgMom has put a link on the side there to take you to our old blogggie, just click on the picture of us.
We're sorry to make ya'll change things around a bit in yer bloggies, but this just had to be done! We're over the whole "I don't have the time" thing.
So we appreciate yer patience while we get that lazy secretary of ours to fix this bloggie up just right. The picture up there is when Darla Jean was just a baby, I think she was about 6 months old & we were on a trip to D.C.