Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodbye our sweet little sister

*DawgMom here, I'm posting today instead of the Bullies. I copied & pasted this post from my blog. The Bullies will be back to posting in the next few days.*

Lounging on the couch
Tink is on the right
Bossing the dogs in the camp set-up next door

Enjoying her bed at a dog show in Chattanooga, TN

It's a very sad day at my house today. I have to help one of my beloved babies cross the Rainbow Bridge later this afternoon. I hate it! I know it's best, but I hate it! Oh, how I wish our 4-legged babies could be with us longer.
Tink is our 14 year old Miniature Dachshund that I rescued 9 years ago from a horrible lady that had her only for making money. She is one of the sweetest, most patient, loving little rescues I have ever had. She is very easy going, wants to please and for a baby that lived such a horrible life before I saved her, she gets along well with the rest of my menagerie. She's very sociable and yet, in typical Dachshund style, could be stand-offish at times. She is very protective of her pack, especially me. She was a wonderful companion to my son while he still lived at home, loved him dearly and would *protect* him from any number of *boogey men* that might come into his room at night.
The first 5 years of her little life was spent in a dirty crate, pregnant most of the time. She had 6 litters of puppies by the time she was 5 years old! SIX!!! That means she was bred every time she came into season, starting with her very first one! She came from a horrible woman who is now sitting in jail, thank goodness, after being convicted of animal abuse! HURRAY!
I got Tink a few years before her POS ovwner was arrested. At the time, I was grooming at one of the local veterinarian's clinic and the POS that owned her had brought her in to be euthanized. Her reason? (and I quote) "the bitch only gave me one puppy last time, I can't make money that way" So rather than do what a responsible breeder would do, place her in a loving home, she didn't want to be bothered and wanted to euthanize her instead. I asked her if I could take her and find her a good home. She told me I could *have* her for $150, otherwise, put her to sleep. Well, I wasn't about to give this POS any money for her, so I left the room. I was so mad, but what was I going to do? Anyway, the vet came out and asked me if I really wanted to try placing this little girl and of course I said I would. The vet then went back to the room, told the lady (I use that term loosely) we didn't have time to euthanize her right this minute, but if she would sign the release form and leave her with us, we would euthanize her that afternoon. POS said fine, signed the form and left. The vet then brought little Tink to me and said, "Here, take her and find her a forever home."
I brought her home and began working on her evaluation and getting her adjusted to living a *normal* dog's life. She had obviously rarely been out of that crate. She was terrified outside and would stand there so stiff I thought she would break. She didn't want to stay on the couch, or in a dog bed, or walk around on the carpet or hang out with the other dogs. All she wanted to do was go back to her crate. I had to keep the door to the crate closed just to keep her from going inside. She would sit there, by the door, waiting for me to open it back up. She had no idea how to potty anywhere besides her crate. She was afraid to eat anywhere except in her crate! In other words, her world consisted of her crate. It took me nearly a year to get her housebroken and acting like a normal dog and of course by then, I was so attached there was no way I was placing her. She stayed with me from then on. That was 9 years ago.
I vowed she would live a happy life if I could give it to her and she would not end her life in pain or suffering. She had enough of that in the first 5 years to last 2 lifetimes. So, the time has come for me to honor that vow and keep that promise I made to her all those years ago and let her cross over. She has been a wonderful companion and has brought me and my family joy ten-fold and I thank the Lord above for allowing me to take this little Princess home with me that day 9 years ago.
Goodbye my sweet girl. Thank you for your years of love and faithfulness and companionship. Go play with your old buddies, Pixie, Blarney and Marilyn. Be sure to kiss your *Nanny* for me and tell her I love her. (*to my wonderful Mother: Please take care of her for me until I get there Mom)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~but I wanna talk!!

(my boo-timous mama, China Doll)
(me & my brother Winston at the Silverwoods)

(Me & Winston, nose sugars)

(Me & my sister, Callie-Claire in the Silverwoods last year)

Ok, enough of this nonsense about wordless Wednesday when I wanna talk! It's a load of Bull and not the good kind like us Bullies! So, while DawgMom is in her dumb stained glass room (she calls it a *studio* well whoop-dee-doo, it's a dumb ol' room with alot of colored glass in it that we are not allowed to go in) any ol who, while she's in there working on more dumb glass thingies, I'M GONNA TALK! Wait.....what???
Feather-Pappy yer gonna get in trouble!
Pappy-Not if you shut your face I won't.
Feather-I'm tellin ya, DawgMom said go to bed!
Pappy-Who are you now, the Bullie Hall Monitor?
Feather-Ok, I'm just sayin'
Pappy-Well how about you just DON'T say & do like DawgMom said, Go To Bed!
Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm pretty tired of this whole Wordless Wednesday, I see other dogs post things on Wednesday & THEY say stuff. So.........Ima post pictures of me & my sister Callie-Claire & my brother Winston & my mama China Doll when we were in the Silverwoods last year. We had so much fun there! It was in some place called Oar-Lan-Doe & it was so hot! I mean blastin hot, like hades. But we still had fun. I got to sleep in the big bed in the hotel room & it was just me & DawgMom, I didn't have to share with DawgDaddy or anybully else. Then the next night, I sleeped in my own den that DawgMom brought with us & Darla sleeped with DawgMom. Something about it was just bein fair-whatever, I didn't think it was fair to ME! WHAT?...Wait, what?....
Darla-Pappy will ya quit whinin about me sleepin in the big bed? I mean really it was LAST year!
Pappy-Yeah well maybe it was last year, but it still wasn't fair.
Darla-Yeah well give it a rest already!
Pappy-blah, blah, blah yer supposed to be in bed.
Darla-you are too, want me to get DawgMom?
Pappy-Go ahead, I'm not skeered.
Darla-we'll see (*evil grin*)
So ANYWAY, before I was so rudely interupped again......all the Bull TerrOr people are havin them Silver Woods again this weekend, but we don't get to go! What a bummer! DawgMom says we can't cause the Silver Woods are in some place called Sand-Ho-Say & it's too far for us to go. NOT FAIR, totally NOT FAIR, I had fun last year & I wanna go again! She said we could go next October cause it will be in Filly-del-fee-uh next year. I wish somebully could tell me how them Silver Woods keep movin around! So I wanna tell all my Bullie friends that get to go to them Silver Woods this year to have fun & get some ear scritches for me. WHAA.....uh oh!....
DawgMom-EXCUSE ME MISTER, why are you out of bed?!
Feather- I TOLD ya!
Darla-BOL BOL BOL BOL, smartie pants got caught! BOL BOL BOL
Pappy-shut up ya'll
DawgMom-BED, right now Mister, you are not supposed to be on the computer
Feather-I think he was surfin eBay DawgMom, he was lookin at toys.
Pappy-was not
Darla-was to
Pappy-was not
Feather-was to
Pappy-DAWGMOM I was NOT!
DawgMom-all y'all go to bed. Good night my sweet kids!
Pappy-Can I at least tell my friends Good Night?
I gotta go, I think somebully ratted me out. Night y'all hope you liked my Whining Wednesday

(note from DawgMom~Pappy is a little on the whiny side sometimes, but the girls don't help that a bit by picking at him & teasing him. Also what he is calling the "Silver Woods" is actually called Silverwood. It's a yearly event put on by the Bull Terrier Club of America that crowns the Best American Bred Bull Terrier. It rotates across the country, being hosted by one of the regional Bull Terrier Clubs and this year was San Jose, CA, next year Philadelphia, PA, and in 2011 it will be back on Orlando, FL. This is event is held in conjunction with the National Specialty each year and folks come from all over the US & other countries to compete or just be surrounded by our beloved Bullies)