Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birfday DawgNanny

DawgMom is in a very sad mood today, we are tryin to make her laugh, but it's hard to do today. Even Pappy doin his front roll off his head only makes her smile a little bit instead of laugh like she usually does. (we are hopin one of these days she can get that egghead front roll on video)

DawgMom says our DawgNanny would have been 66 years old today, April 20. See DawgNanny went to the Rainbow Bridge in Aug. 2004 & nobody was expectin it AT ALL. DawgNanny was always in such a good mood & always doin something, she was always helpin people, she didn't even act like she was sick. DawgMom says she had a brain aneurysm rupture & nobody even knew she had one of those things. You can read all about how DawgNanny helped people even after she left us here on DawgMom's blog.

Us Bull Terrors never got to meet DawgNanny, but a couple of our little brothers & sisters knew her. DawgNanny used to own a pet store here in town with DawgMom & our Aunt. Cissy & Bucky the 2 Chiwaawaa, Chiwawawa, Messicans Taco Bell dawgs used to go to work with DawgMom everyday so they knew DawgNanny real good. Cissy says she was really cool! She used to fix biscuits & gravy every mornin & she always let Cissy & Bucky have some gravy. DawgMom says we'll get to meet her someday cause she just knows DawgNanny is at the Rainbow Bridge takin care of all the animals waitin for us to all get there someday. We wish we could have known her, she loved all animals, but was really in love with birdies. She used to raise all kinds of birdies.

If ya'll can remember, please say a little prayer or send a good thought to TN for DawgMom. We don't like to see her sad & we know she really misses her Mom.

Thanks to all of you,


TwoSpecialWires said...

Here's a coupla licks and wags for DawgMom. We wish we could make her feel better, but we understand. Her mama was a special person, we can tell. It's right there in the pictures.

You Bull Terrors need to remember that us Bearded Terrors are thinking about you. And your DawgMom.

little licks,
Fergi and Jake

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Please tell your mom I'm waving and wagging my tail for YOUR DawgNanny!

One of my mom's bestest furiends lost his mom the same way although she was a bit younger.

Please tell your mom to smile as she thinks of all the special times!


Tom and Tama-Chan said...

It sounds like your DawgNanny was a very special person, and by remembering her so beautifully, you make sure she lives on in everybody's smiles!

Checkers said...

sorry it's taken us so long to get around to your blog today but we had a rough night and early morning here - we were at the UT Vet School's ER - we know how your mommy feels - we miss ours too - mommy's always telling us how much she would have loved me and Livy! Hope your mommy is feeling better -


Joe Stains said...

Our dog Mom lost her Mom too and knows how sad it is, so we are sending lots of vibes to her for your very special dognanny.

Princess Eva and Brice said...

We are so sorry to hear about your DawgNanny. She sounds like a very special person.
We'll add positives thoughts for your DawgMom to our candle list for tonight.

Princess Eva

Asta said...

Feather Luise

I willbewight ovew to bwing na inowdinate aount of healing smoochie kisses wif mefow yoouw Mom. I klnow they wont be as good as the special buiscuis and gwavy evewy mownin, but the exlploding kidded will at least hel heew you up

Mango said...

Your dawgmom is missing her mom. Time for you to give her lots of hugs and smoochies.


DCampy34 said...

Send bully hugs and slobbery kisses to your DawgMom - and Mommy will says a prayer for you guys

Love the NY Bully Brats

Bijou said...


Sorry to hear your mom is having a bad day. My mom says she totally understands cause she misses her mom terribly at times. Just keep your loved ones in your heart and they will always be with you no matter what.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi it's me tweedles
My moms understand what the feeling is there at your house, cause they lost their moms too, and they are still sad. The moms are at the Rainbow Bridge waiting.
Your dawgmoms moms legacy lives on.
We send kisses- everyone - reach out and touch and make this a bette world cause of them!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

DawgNanny sounds like she was very, very special!