Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lots of Exciting News!!

(Woodrow & MJ)

We are sooo excited!! We got an email this morning from our Bull Terrier friends Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ tellin' us they started bloggin'!! More of us "Terriers without beards! (not that beards are a bad thing, but imagine a beard on our egg heads. eewww) How cool is that, more Bullies bloggin'! Please go visit them, the NY Bully Brats & show them how cool the bloggin' doggies are. We've been tellin' them how much fun everyone is. Feather has always had a crush on Woodrow & our friend Gimli from our Raw4Bullies list, she just never told Woodrow that. Now the whole world is gonna know. BOL! She's gonna be mad at me too, but so what? She thinks she so special cause she was the first Bullie here. BOL! BOL!

(Feather's dreamboat, Woodrow)

Woodrow's DawgMom, Deb was such a HUGE help to DawgMom when we first brought Lizzy home to foster her. Remember how we told you Lizzy was a spinner? Well Auntie Deb has had experience in dealin' with & livin' with a spinner & she really helped DawgMom learn what to do to help Lizzy. DawgMom said she wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of Auntie Deb, Auntie Lori & Auntie Janice. That leads us to the other part of our exciting news.....

(LizzaBella on DawgMom's lap)

Lizzy, who we now call LizzaBella cause she likes that name better, is officially a TN Bull Terror & officially our sister now instead of a foster dog! DawgMom & Auntie Glenna, who is our Bull Terrier Club of America rescue chair talked about LizzaBella & how she was comin' along & they decided that LizzaBella was not a good candidate for placement. It's hard enough to place a Bull Terrier that doesn't have problems, but placing one with problems like hers is nigh on impossible. It can be done, but chances are very slim. Just not many people want to take on a dog that has to be on medication twice a day & has to have the strict, structured schedule that LizzaBella needs.

(LizzaBella right after she came here)
She is still on her medicines twice a day & she has gained 5 pounds so she don't look real skinny anymore, she has learned to play, but still is not real good at it, she LOVES the raw diet! But then again, who doesn't??? The bestest news of all, she doesn't have to wear that funny-lookin' Frankie-stein collar anymore!
(that Frankie-stein collar)
Her tail doesn't have sores on it anymore, not even any scabbies & the hair is startin' to grow back!! So every-bully decided since she is gettin' along so well here & since she doesn't do so hot in new situations, it would be better for her sake, if she just stayed here with us, so DawgMom & DawgDaddy decided she would just live out her days here in our house & be another TN Bull Terror! So for all of you that wondered if she ever got her forever home, the answer is yes, it's right here with us! So when you see us sign our names on yer comment formies, you'll see LizzaBella on there too. Guess this means we have to share our postin' with her too! That's ok, she's pretty cool & we like her!
(enjoyin the kennel at our house in the woods)

Anywho, ya'll go visit Woodrow, Sweetie & their little brother MJ, who is deaf & welcome them to the neighborhood! NY Bully Brats tell 'em Feather, Darla & Pappy sent you.

Later taters,


DCampy34 said...

Thanx for the post - We will make sure Mommy keeps up with our Bloggie - she has been slacking with the picture taking, cause work has been crazy. But we will get her back on track!!!

Muah Feather love ya girl - and Sweetie thinks Pappy is a cutie too

Woodster, Sweetie and MJ

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I've visited the new khanines on the blokhk!

Tank woo fur telling us!


Bijou said...


This is my first visit to your blog. I somehow missed it before you moved to blogspot.

I am a terror too. A Toy Rat Terrier. And I don't have a beard. I hope we can be friends. Us terrors have to stick together, as we are out numbered here.

Wags & wiggles,

Bijou said...

Hi again,

I just wanted to let you know I went over and visited your friend's blog. It looks terrific. I wanted to leave a comment but sadly, I couldn't get that reply box to work. Mom says it has something to do with it not liking our bowser, whatever that is.


Mo said...

So glad to hear that you're keepin' LizzaBella. What's one more, right?! ( least, *thats* what I keep tellin' the mister, but I don't think he's buyin' it!!)

I'm headed over to check the new doggy-bloggy, now....

Rocky Creek Scotties said...

We're so happy for Lizzabella and know she will love staying with you. It's so nice to have forever, loving homes.

We're off to visit your friends.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Suka said...

hey TN Bull Terrors!

I am so happy about LizzaBella! What a beautiful pup! Congrats on her being your new sis! I bet you will all have lots of fun together!

I don't know any NY city pups so I will go and visit your friends. Woodrow sure is a handsome doggy! You have good taste Feather!


Asta said...

Feathew ,Darla, Pappy and LizzyBella,
I'm so happy to be youw fwiend.
I think bulltewwows awe absolutely wondewful. youw news about Lizzie id faboolous! you must have a vewy happy stoopendoos home! give a special smoochie to youw pawents fwom me, and keep some fow all of you too

Checkers said...

you guys and your pawrents are terrific and kind - I'm so glad that LizzaBella found a forever home with you - she is one LUCKY dog.

Take care and I'll visit your friends site here in a minute!!!!

back to chewing

Gus said...

We are happy to hear that LB will be staying with you...Bet her UNscabbie little tail went faster than fast when she heard the news.

gussie n teka

Joe Stains said...

We will head on over and say hello! Thanks for sharing new friends with us!

TwoSpecialWires said...

We're pretty wiped out from the weekend, but let's see if we can remember all we want to say:

1. We're so happy LizzaBella is with you furever! We know she's in the purrfect home now. (Fergi says it's nice to know she's not the only spinner around here, too. Maybe they can both unwind together!)

2. That butterfly chair? It's Jake's Heaven. Only problem: I won't jump up in it myself. Too wobbly. But once I'm in it, I'll stay for hours.

3. Heading right over meet the NY Bully Brats!

back to sleep,
Jake and Fergi