Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frog Legs for Easter??

We had a crazy night Sunday night! Crazy I tell ya! Sunday is the only day DawgMom & DawgDaddy are both home with us all day. DawgDaddy works all the time (hey we hafta eat ya know!) & so Sunday is the only day we get him all day. He plays ball with us & loves on us & we take naps too! He also cooks brekkie & dinner for DawgMom. That dinner was the start of our crazy Easter night.

It started like this.......
DawgMom has been wanting fried frog legs for dinner for a while now & she finally found some on sale at the big Foodie place. DawgDaddy got them all ready for cookin', he soaked them a bit in some kinda stuff, then got the skillet ready for cookin' them. We still can't figure out exactly how it happened but all of a sudden the house started gettin' all smokey. DawgDaddy said he had the stove turned up too high & the oil was gettin' too hot. Yeah right, whatever. DawgMom started openin' windows & the back door & all of a sudden we heard this loud, screamin' noise comin' from that box on the wall in the hallway!! It was LOUD!! Even louder than the Cresteds when they start the sing-fest. Or Cissy when she's busy screechin' at us for whatever crime we committed at the moment, you know, like we looked at her or we sniffed her. She's such a drama queen, all like "Ya'll are gonna mess up my bed!" or "Don't drool on me!" & let me tell you, she can screech like nobody's business! For a little dog, she's got a big mouth!

(Feather: Get on with it Darla, yer ramblin')
(Darla: Fine, I was tryin' to make them understand how loud that was!)
(Feather: Then tell them, stop yappin' about Cissy!)
(Darla: Ok, Ok, I'm tellin' them! Sheesh!)

Anywho, DawgMom was tryin' to get the smoke out & catch Cissy, Peggy Sue & Pooch to lock them in the bathroom so they didn't run out the front door. Pappy was cryin' & Rascal ran & hid in the spare room! DawgDaddy was yellin' "Punch the code in the alarm box!" DawgMom was sayin' "I'm tryin' to, I'm tryin' to!" Well, DawgMom finally got the code punched in & all the screamin' noise stopped. Cissy stopped screechin' & Peggy Sue stopped barkin' but Rascal wouldn't come out of the bedroom. I was barkin' & barkin' & barkin' tryin' to tell that dumb box on the wall to SHUT UP!! DawgDaddy was tryin' to find the phone! The phone! Can you imagine, all that ruckus & DawgDaddy wants to call some-bully!
(look how innocent Cissy & Peggy Sue are tryin' to look, no screechin' here)

DawgMom found him the phone & he checked the caller id thingie & says "They've already called" (well he added a couple of HBO words in there, in fact, there were quite a few HBO words in that whole 10 minute time period) Anyways, DawgDaddy called the dude at ADT & told him there was no fire here that it was just a cookin' problem (ya think??) & DawgMom couldn't get to that box in the hallway within the required 30 seconds to punch the code in. Well, the ADT dude told DawgDaddy to hold on for a minute, then he came back & said he called & stopped the fire department!! They thought the house was on fire cause the alarm was goin' off & our DawgParents didn't answer their call (like we could hear the phone over the alarm & Cissy's screechin') so they called the fire department! At least they caught the firemen before they got out! Shew, I bet we would have been in trouble with them all right!

Everything turned out all right, DawgMom got her frog legs, DawgDaddy settled down after he got the wine out & had a glass & we are happy to know if the house ever really DOES catch on fire, the alarm system really does work! Thank goodness. I guess those ADT dudes are pretty good after all & that's why DawgDaddy had them put a system in our new house in the woods too.

I think DawgMom learned something~~Yer supposed to have HAM for Easter dinner, NOT frog legs!!


Suzuki said...

BOL What a drama!
Big licks to you

Mango said...

Well, good to know the system works. Nothing like running some quality assurance exercises I always say.


Rocky Creek Scotties said...

You guys are so cute - you have our huMom rolling in the floor laughing.

Piper, Lilly, Carrleigh and Java

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, your joint was jumpin'???


Checkers said...

Great Story - gotta say tho - I waaaaaay prefer Ham to Frog Legs - you need to talk to Dawgmom about her "palate"


Rachel said...

... well frog legs aren't sooooo bad?

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

Wowwee!! We iz glad dat woo all iz okay!!

Gus and Waldo

pee ess: We wike yur noo blog!

Land of Lincoln Labbies said...

We like frogs too, but we just swallow them whole if we get ahold of them. You don't really need to cook them, but Momma says they must be an acquired taste! Also, you guys are cutie patooties! we loved the photos with your heart shaped glasses and princess crown for easter!

Joe Stains said...

omdog how funny! Dad has set off that screeching box in our house before too, what a riot it caused! It is good to hear that those ADT companies do work and don't just take your money every month and buy comic books to read while your house burns down.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

mom says its good to know there are other nut houses. makes her feel more normal!
BOL! Morgan