Thursday, April 30, 2009

We might be AWOL

DawgMom says we have to write & let every-bully know we might be AWOL for a week or 2. Apparently, that GKKC dog show she's been talkin about, ya'll know, the one she's Parking Chairman for & the same one she's been makin them glass lamps for, is right around the corner. She says she has alot of work to do before it gets here & she won't have time to let us on the 'pooter alot. Well, to us, that's just her lame way of sayin her stuff is more important than ours! That picture is what one of her tables in her room looks like right now.

We do have to say, at least even when she gets busy, she still feeds us really yummy stuff, so she does have some of her priorities straight anyway.
Last night we had chicken quarters with some cottage cheese on top, for brekkie today we had turkey legs & for supper tonight we get that yummy taco meat. (No we did not decide to do away with our sister Cissy, at least not yet. Taco meat is a ground up combo of beef, beef hearts & chicken gizzards)

We also wanted to update you a little on LizzaBella & show you some of the latest pictures of her. Look how good she looks now, compared to when we first picked her up! (the top picture was taken 10 days after we got her from that nasty ol' shelter) She is still tryin to get up the nerve to write her own post, she's a little nervous so we aren't pushin her. Maybe after them dumb lamps are done & that dog show is over. Look at the difference! She's put on weight & DawgMom says she can even see a difference in her eyes, she looks happy most of the time instead of worried. She loves to lay on the ground with DawgDaddy, but she loves the couch the best, as you can see.
Pappy does get to show in that dog show on Sunday though, so keep yer paws crossed the little brat does well for DawgMom, that would make her happy. He has a post all ready in his mind about some haint he swears is livin in the house with us. We think he's watchin too much Ghost Hunters with DawgMom. Or he's sneakin on the 'pooter at night visitin their website & scarin himself. Either way, me & Darla haven't seen any haints, so who knows!

We do have a tag from Clive we need to do & a couple of awards we want to tell ya'll about, so maybe, just maybe, if we are REAL good, DawgMom will do that tonight after she's finished with that glass grindin machine she's got. Meanwhile, ya'll go visit Clive & his Little Man, you'll love them!

So, we'll do our best to at least get around & read a few bloggies at night & we promise, as soon as this show is over, we'll be back!
Oh & just to prove we didn't eat the Chiwawa, Chiwaawaa, Messican, Taco Bell Dog, here's a picture of the little piranha on crack suckin up to DawgMom. (**eyes rollin**)


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Maybe your mom khold leave the 'puter on during the week...

And since no one would be watching, she khould do her furst post then?

Have a nice weekend/plus!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Your Mom's stained glass is beautiful. Our Mom used to do that, but hasn't in years - wonder where her stuff is??

Our brother doesn't bring his "Taco Bell Dog" to visit us because we've threatened to play 'tug of war' with him - he's scared!!

Good luck in the dog show and don't get too worn out.

Lizzabella looks great!! Your life is agreeing with her. We know she's glad to be with you.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

DCampy34 said...

Tell your dawgmom to have a great time at the shows - and we will be eagerly awaiting your next post - we will hold down the blog fort until you guys return


Bijou said...

Hi Kids,

It does sound like your mom has her plate full. And I don't mean with food! BOL

Good luck Pappy! Strut your stuff!! Make your mama proud!!!

Wags & wiggles,

Allison (Dog Mom) said...

We will miss woo!!

LizzaBella iz looking pawsum!! Grreat wurk!

Gus and Waldo

Mango said...

That chew wa wa is likely to tough to enjoy by now anyway.

Your mom sure is busy. I hope everything goes well at the big show.


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hey, I think I am going to come to your house for breakie and lunch and super! Yum, your mama knows how to cook! Little Lizabella is looking so good! Look what love can do!
Don't worrie if you are AWOL -we will always be here for you- waiting to hear news.
Hey, I talked about the awards you gave me- thank you again so very much!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

u guys are too funny!
your pal Morgan

Ransom said...

Glad to see proof that you didn't make a snack out of the little guy! (Though I know how ANNOYING those little guys can get!)

Hope all goes well with the dog show! Hope you are back to writing soon! (Love the stained glass!)

Rachel said...

That little Taco dawg is a suck-up... I can tell!

Checkers said...

your mom sure is talented - i'm not too sure about that litt taco dawg - ya'll better keep a close eye on him

Tee said...

Hello kids in dog suits,

We be glad we stumbled on your blog. Love the pictures of you and the taco dawg. Made us giggle ..

Licks and wags

The Dog WOods Pack

sprinkles said...

LizzaBella is so pretty!