Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday! Finally! Thank doG!!

Ok, so yes, there are lots of !!!! up there in the title, cause we're excited & we wanted to make sure ya'll knew it!

DawgMom says the week from hades is finally over & now maybe we can visit the bloggies we been missin' & we can post about things that are important to US!

So, once we eat our supper (beef heart tonight MMMMMM) & do our potties & DawgMom gets her piddly non-important junk done, we'll be runnin' all over the doggie bloggie world checkin' out what ya'll have been in to.

Later taters


Clive said...

Beef hearts - yummy! Wish I'd had something as tasty as that tonight!

Raining here all day and all night so we're starting to feel a bit housebound!!

lots of woofs

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I guess she's trying to bribe woo with some yummy stuff!


Checkers said...

BEEF HEARTS???? YUCKY!!!! my teeny tiny liver could never take that!!!!!! hope your mom finishes her piddly non-important junk soon and you get to visit your friends.

Guess what? I destroyed my brand new wubba in les that 15 minutes tonite!!!! It's a record!

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

we are having really, really good weather! hope you are too!
your pal, Morgan

Suka said...


Beef Hearts?!?! Woof that sounds good! My human never gave me a beef heart for dinner! You are lucky dogs!

Have fun checking out the doggie bloggie world!


TwoSpecialWires said...

We're feelin a little better that we aren't the only ones who get behind on our blogs and our friends! We're catching up... and thinking (drooling) over you eating beef hearts! MMMM!

Keep on waggin,
Jake and Fergi