Friday, March 19, 2010

Move Over Johnny Cash

The Papster has arrived on Music Row!!
(hmmm~the fire hydrant or the Musica Statue???)

Well, the Flat Version of him anyway, and he seems to be having a blast running around Nashville.

(what? another flattie??)

The first stop on Flat Papster's Rescue Fundraising tour was none other than the birthplace of 3D Papster in Ashland City, TN, a little town just outside of Nashville. He must have interrupted his Uncle Traveller's supper, see the cottage cheese on Trav's nose? Just like a Bull TerrOr to arrive when food is being served!

(Traveller, 3D Papster's Uncle)

He arrived just in time to celebrate St. Paddy's Day with everyone too! He had an All Access pass to the 18th Avenue Pub Crawl on Music Row. Hope he didn't drink too much green beer, cause he's too young to drink!

(let's get this party started!)

(3D's other Mama, Janice laughs at Flat Papster on the table)

(maybe HE had too much green beer??)

I'm told he is going to work with his other Mama Vicki, then he will be heading to CT to see what trouble he can get into with Gimli, the stiff necked dwarf and his family.

(Gimli is an example of where the donations go, he is a rescue, the scar on his muzzle is from some jerk who tied his mouth shut to make him quit barking!)

For those reading our blog for the first time, or in case you forgot what this is all about, Flat Papster and his friend Flat BenJammin are traveling the globe raising money for Bull Terrier Rescue. Rescuing and fostering Bull Terriers is very dear to my heart and our rescue is always in need of money to help these poor babies who, out of no fault of their own, have found themselves homeless or abused in someway. My dear friend Paula and I feel it is the responsibility of anyone who spends the money to show this wonderful breed to also give back by helping the rescues who are in need. Here's how it works....

Flat Papster and Flat Benny are in a race to see who can go the most places and who can raise the most money for rescue. The "official" race will end in Oct at Silverwood and our Nationals. Both flat boys will be there to present money to our rescue and with a list of places they have been on this Most Excellent Adventure. (if you click on the link it will take you to our Facebook Fan Page)

If you would like to help we ask that you "buy a ticket" by donating at least $5.00 to our rescue. You can mail a check or use PayPal. Be sure to put the name of the Flat Boy you want to visit in the comment box. (lots of folks are having both flat boys visit!) We will then put your address on the list and have him sent on to you ASAP. We ask that you take pictures of the adventures and email them back to one of us so we can post it on our fan page and also here on the blog.

We have 2 of each Flat Boy, one here in the US and another traveling outside the US. We will try to make sure the Flat Boy of your choosing gets to you as fast as possible. Quite a few tickets have been bought so far and are asking if you have a Flat Boy visiting that you try not to hold on to him for any longer than a week before sending him on to his next destination. Paula and I would be forever grateful to you should you decide to participate in this fun fundraiser, but the Bullies you will be helping will benefit from it the most!

To have Flat Papster come visit email him at
To have Flat Benny come visit, email him at
The PayPal account is

(Flat Benny or BenJammin as Pappy calls him)

Paula and I hope you will join us in the fun and help our rescue babies at the same time!

Oh and by the way, Flat Papster might be trying to top Johnny Cash, but he will step aside for this man, DawgMom says so!! (for those that don't listen to country music, that's the one and only Conway Twitty)

Click here for DawgMom's all time favorite Conway Song

(Hello Darlin)

Until next time (hint:Flat Papster the globe trotter has made it to the Land of Oz)



sprinkles said...

Flat Papster looks like he had a lot of fun in Nashville! I love that picture of him with the Target dog and the one of him with the leprachaun!

I was horrified to read about Gimli's scar. How could someone do that to a dog? My little chihuahua barks a lot but I would NEVER consider tying his mouth shut to make him stop. I'm so glad he isn't with that owner anymore. He deserves so much better!

Who is that guy in the bottom picture? Sorry, I don't listen to country music.

kissa-bull said...

oh my dawgness that sounds like too much fun
we'll be happy to have them visit ush
we'll make our mommish peemail right away
pibble sugars and wee wags
the pittie pack

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I'm going to borrow the pencil Mom has here by the laptop and paw this info down!

Furry furry fun and tres khool!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

I'll have to talk to the Moms and Daddy about this, It sounds very interesting. It's so wonderful of your family to foster dogs. I've never been in a foster home myself, but I know that if it weren't for humans who did that there would be many more of us crossing the Rainbow Bridge before our time.

Wags, Lola

Dexter said...

Flat Papster is one party animal.


Joe Stains said...

He is having a rather pawesome trip, I think I need a flat me to go do some adventures.

Suka said...

What an amazingly fun idea! And for such an excellent cause! My tail is wagging as I read all about the adventures of Flat Benny and Flat Papster! Keep up the great work! I wish you great success!


p.s. I hope that jerk who did that to sweet Gimli is in jail.